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Your customer list contains a wealth of information that can open the door to better and more effective selling. By using MarketSource's custom designed database profiling and modeling products, you will understand not only exactly who your customers are, you will uncover any hidden niche markets.

Then, when you understand who your customers are, you can use database marketing techniques to increase sales through cross-selling and up-selling existing customers, and attract new business.

After we analyze the composition of your customer file using such criteria as age, income, marital status, presence and age of children, psychographic buying habits, homeownership and mortgage information, we will build a model of your best customers. Using intelligent database software, we will then match this model against your entire market area to provide you with a mailing list of hot prospects.

You will receive a comprehensive customer profile report, along with enhanced demographic and lifestyle information on your existing customers, giving you all the information you need to predict and guide future buying patterns through effective database marketing.

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